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Meet the Staff – Paul Nevitt

Meet the Staff – Paul Nevitt

Paul was one of the original founders of Advocate in 2011 having spent 14 years teaching within the Schools of Sunderland.
His expertise includes Education and Youth Support Work.

Paul holds responsibility for ensuring the day to day running of Advocate is as smooth as it possibly can be and creating oodles of excel sheets for staff to try and follow!

Role – Senior Manager

What are your day-to-day responsibilities with Advocate? 

I ensure the ship runs tightly by overseeing that our core values are adhered to.  In addition I hold particular responsibility for ensuring that we are compliant with all legislation, adhere to Safer Recruitment obligations and deal with the business element of the company.

As a founder member of Advocate, what impresses you about the company? 

I am continually impressed by the shared ethos everyone abides by.  Ultimately our aim is to serve those who need our support whether that be children in schools – Young People in the community or families who need a little TLC.  We can only do that by involving ourselves with people who share our vision

What are you looking forward to achieving with Advocate? 

I want to see Advocate change the way people view our industry.  When we started Advocate we wrote down what we didn’t want to be – one of those was a ‘bums on seats’ type of agency.

In committing to best practice we’ve committed to good people and ultimately providing the best service we can offer.

We deal with lots of candidates, what impresses you about a candidate? 

Flexibility and professionalism.  We think of ourselves as an emergency service to our partners.  The only way we can achieve that is by working with flexible individuals who are able to apply their professionalism no matter the hurdle in their way.

I find it hard to say no . . . to a challenge.  Whether it be setting up Advocate or coaching my youth football team – that sense of satisfaction when things turn your way is wonderful.

One of the things I’m very good at . . . is knowing my skill set and knowing what I need assistance with.

The best piece of advice I heard was . . . just before I got married a friend advised me the secret to a lasting marriage was . . . ‘find a thumb and get under it!’

And Finally, If you could sing one song on X Factor, what would it be?
Sam and Dave’s – You Don’t Know Like I Know – uplifting whilst being poignant.