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And our Nominated Charity for the Year is…

Advocate are proud to announce that our nominated charity for the year will be … (drum roll please) . . . The Mark Lloyd Award for Creativity.

At this point some of you might be scratching your head in wonderment as to who Mark Lloyd is and what is his Award for Creativity.

Mark was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in January 2014 and he died in May 2016.

Mark was an actor, musician, artist and embracer of life.
During the last two years he made the most of the time with his positivity inspiring many, including myself.
Although I did have to endure listening to his rants about his beloved Newcastle United when we visited St. James Park together.

In the last few months of his life, whilst others may have complained and become bitter Mark, alongside his wife Kylie, chose to put plans in place to set up a reward for creativity celebrating young people’s talent and creative spirit, something he held close to his heart.

Awards are often given for academic performance or sporting excellence
yet Creativity is the one thread that permeates all areas of children’s development.

Taking on the mantle of Creativity we’ve decided to run a series of fund raising events through the Academic Year 2016-17 with all proceeds being donated to support the award throughout it’s start up and into it’s formative years.

As always, we’re open to your thoughts and if you have any ways you would like to raise funds we will be happy to listen and support.

Throughout the year we will be encouraging our staff to ‘Walk With Advocate’, complete a ‘Penny Portrait’, ‘Donate an Hour’ and join Unfolding Theatre for ‘Putting the Band Back Together’.

Initially the Award will be in partnership with Lobley Hill Primary School – the school Marks’ children attend.

The school has supported the Lloyd family wonderfully throughout Mark’s illness and his passing. It is, therefore, fitting that the Award should start it’s journey at the School.

The Award and prize will be presented at the end of each term celebrating achievements of creativity and therefore encouraging children of the school and the area to be as creative in their life as they can be.

We hope you’ll join us during this year and help us to support such a worthwhile and exciting movement that helps us to support children’s creative learning and development.

The first step will be to join us at the Washington Art’s Centre on the 22nd September to follow Unfolding Theatre’s ‘Putting the Band Back Together’ – you may even choose to pick up an instrument yourself.