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The Benefits of Teaching in China

More than just Fringe Benefits when Teaching Abroad

Depending on what type of post you accept in China, the monetary compensation can be quite rewarding. In training centres, public schools, colleges, and even international schools it’s common practice to reimburse one or both plane tickets upon completion of a contract. In some schools a nice bonus is added to the final salary payment along with the flight reimbursement. If you’re teaching at an international school (and some other places) each time you finish a contract there is a salary bump, too. Paying off college loans or even just saving money can become a reality while teaching in China. When you’re in larger schools they can often give you health insurance as well (this is nearly always the case for international schools). Having medical coverage while abroad is a must, and many schools will help with this.

Another essential for your life abroad that most schools take care of is housing. From training centres on up to international schools, your apartment will almost always be covered by the school. Some places offer a stipend, or ask you to pay utilities, but most teachers will find that their home for the year or two they are abroad is free. This is a great benefit that will also allow many to save more money than they could back home.

The reasons for going abroad range from personal growth to growing the bank account.
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