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Launching our Army of Early Years Staff

2017 sees Advocate launching our Army of Early Years Staff and Teaching Assistants.

Over the last few months we’ve been quietly building a group of Early Years Staff who are looking to work alongside Early Years Provisions in Stockton, Darlington and Durham.

Having already successfully supplied staff to the local and international market for teachers and being a top 5 provider of staff within the Health and Social sector it is an obvious step for Advocate to continue our progression into the Early Years Provision market.

At Advocate we only employ office staff that are experienced in their sector so they completely understand what relative success is and how we can support our field staff to achieve this.

To that end Jennifer Bainbridge is leading our Early Years team. Having worked in the sector since 2009 Jen has considerable knowledge of the day to day requirements of Early Years Provisions.

In addition Jen is able to provide practical advice to candidates themselves in order to facilitate a placement so all our staff have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

This is an exciting development for Advocate allowing us to build on a process we know works well in the Education and Care Sector. Quite often companies who focus solely on the recruitment needs of the client miss the actual client they are recruiting for.

We know that we are recruiting for the individual or group of individuals who need support whether that be toddlers in a Nursery setting, pupils within a classroom or vulnerable young people and adults within the community.

In order to achieve this we use an ‘open door’ policy. That means we’re always happy to chat through situations and scenarios and we encourage our field staff to do this with one another.

If you’re an Early Years worker or the manager of an Early Year’s Provision why not call us to book your initial consultation session.