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Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Team at Advocate have all previously held positions within their Sector and bring a wealth of ‘On the Job’ experience to their roles. Advocate Health and Social Team provide staffing support solutions to Local Authority Care teams to support vulnerable young people and children.

Through our regular professional development meetings and ‘good practice’ sharing events we ensure we work in partnership with all our clients. We take a proactive attitude and liaise between all parties to ensure all gain from the experience.  In taking the time to listen to feedback, we are able to offer practical solutions to continually develop the practice of our staff.

We know that each referral for support is unique and therefore we provide a 24/7 back up support team that are able to liaise and feedback to all stakeholders.

Advocate Health and Social Care are in a unique position to place support staff in residential settings and strive to offer all we work with a personal service second to none.